Bijou Beauty

Bijou is a small, friendly beauty salon providing a wide range of beauty and massage treatments, mainly for local clients in the Berkshire area.

Like many small but highly professional businesses, their existing very basic website didn’t do them justice. Bijou’s owners were aware that they were under-selling their services, but only had a limited budget available to improve their online presence. Despite the financial constraints, we were able to create an effective and informative website for them, designed to properly showcase their skills.

The website features crisp, fresh-looking page design, with compelling background colour variations to highlight the various services available. The copywriting gives clear information and explanations in a friendly, relaxed way, and the visible and hidden text is search engine optimised to help promote an all-important ranking in Google and other search engines.

Website visitors can subscribe to a free email newsletter that, along with social media postings, helps the salon to build and maintain an ongoing relationship with their clients.

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