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For many years, Palladian Publications have been publishing a number of authoritative and highly respected international monthly magazines for companies in the oil, gas, coal, cement and related fields. The magazines were supported by a website that was so basic and out-of-date that it was probably doing their corporate image more harm than good. It was time for some drastic action...

A complete rethink was needed for the website strategy, and this was also an ideal opportunity to sharpen up Palladian's whole approach to marketing their magazines. Discussions with the client led to the conclusion that the best way forward was to create a new website that not only supported the magazines, but actually became an extension of them, by including added-value articles that could not be accommodated in the magazines. So subscribers would be able to read their chosen magazine every month and then visit the website for in-depth information about particular topics of interest. They could also access a handy industry directory, plus a jobs section. And the website could be used to promote magazine subscriptions.

It was a short step from agreeing that strategy to deciding that a new name and identity would greatly enhance Palladian's existing web presence. We explored various options among the available domain names and eventually was purchased, and the strapline 'Bringing you the power of information' was developed to convey the benefit of the site to users. A new logo was designed and the website constructed, complete with Search Engine Optimised copy and an archive of articles written by the various magazine editors and by people in the various industries. Contributors to the website follow article writing guidelines that we provided, because writing in journalistic style is counterproductive on the internet. Instead, content need to be written with all the key information at the top of the page, in complete contrast to the journalistic style of building gradually to a conclusion at the bottom of the page.

Putting five of Palladian Publishing's magazines (Hydrocarbon Engineering, LNG Industry, Oilfield Technology, World Coal and World Pipelines) on a single website works well, because there are many crossovers between the topics covered by the various magazines. A sixth magazine,, has its own website, which cost-effectively uses the same web architecture as

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