Motion Pictures International

Motion Pictures International provides a comprehensive film production service to corporate and commercial clients. As they say on their home page “If it moves, we can film it, and if it doesn’t move, we can animate it.�/p>

An elegant, slightly retro approach was adopted for this website, with straightforward, factual copy, a simple but highly effective colour palette and few images to distract from the on-site information.

The company’s extensive menu of services is very easy to understand and navigate, with quick access to summary information that can easily be expanded to give full details if required. Their showreel graphically portrays their capabilities, and a selection of case studies conveys the breadth of their customer base.

This website is a very good example of the high impact that sophisticated typography and understated design can create. In a world of visual overload, the simplicity and lack of images is refreshing and conveys a greater sense of purpose than a more fragmented, busier-looking site might offer.

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