Project Audio Visual

Project Audio Visual is a specialist company that supplies, designs and installs AV systems for corporate, education, retail and domestic clients. With over twenty years' experience and a highly customer-focused team, they are acknowledged experts and leaders in this complex and fast-moving field.

Their requirement was for an information site that could explain their services and showcase their extensive capabilities, which range from carrying out state-of-the-art home cinema installations to setting up corporate video-conferencing networks.

Our recommended copywriter wrote the text content of the web site. There was no requirement for an online shop, but we integrated into the site technology our new Pulse content management system. This enables authorised members of the team at Project Audio Visual to keep the web site up-to-date by adding new pages and updating information such as FAQs, news and products whenever they need to, without requiring assistance from us.

We have developed the Pulse content management system in-house, as a versatile CMS framework that can be customised to suit the specific needs of each client. With a small amount of training, Pulse enables people with no technical knowledge to confidently and easily make minor changes and additions to their company web site, whenever required. Apart from reducing web site management costs in the long term, this is a great way to keep the web site active, which is beneficial for ongoing search engine optimisation.

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